Kathmandu’s decay: From glorious past to ominous future

From potential to become an exemplary megalopolis, imbibing knowledge from its past, to becoming a hideous and hazardous valley, here’s Kathmandu’s story. What was Kathmandu …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Kathmandu Valley has lost its fertile land to sprawls while hills and forests are felled without rethinking. The air has become toxic, rivers are polluted …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

Captivating performances from lead actors and deft direction make ‘Mansarra’ a great watch

The film explores stigma around infertility and how women bear its brunt and cultural complexity with a touch of cultural beauty, backed with captivating performances …

Art & Culture Rebika Kunwar

‘NLC Research Colloquium: Exploring Legal Frontiers’ being held at Nepal Law Campus

The one-day research colloquium is being organised on May 8 Wednesday at the Nepal Law Campus to commemorate National Law Day and promote research and …

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Nominal Wage in Nepal (2005-2020) (In NRs)



Almost 4 out of 5 in Nepal's working population don’t have secondary education

Nepal Labor Force Survey - III (NLFS - III, 2018)

Loss and Damage Fund, key agenda at the UN climate event COP 28

PM Dahal is all set to attend the UN climate event COP 28 where loss and damage fund will be key agenda for the developing …

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TU professor assailants convicted amid government attempts to drop the case

Assistant Prof Chalaune who was attacked on the university premises three years ago by a gang led by leaders of the Nepal Students Union (NSU), …

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eDrive Nepal: a new ride hailing app in the market

The ride-hailing app pivoting on electric means of commuting is a new entrant in the existing competitive market.

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Nepal’s coffee trade sees continuous growth

While Nepal’s coffee export has experienced modest gains two years in a row after the pandemic hit the sector, the import of coffee last fiscal …

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Two one-horned rhinos found dead in Chitwan National Park alarming conservationists

The recent incidents of poaching have alarmed conservationists as Nepal saw a successful streak of zero poaching years from 2010-2020 finally breaking away from rampant …

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Nepal further improves in Global Hunger Index but the food prices are soaring

Although Nepal has improved on the global hunger index, the country has been facing soaring consumer prices for the past few years.

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Transitional justice process throughout history, Where does Nepal stand?

Transitional justice includes legal and political reforms, truth-seeking mechanisms, and both judicial and nonjudicial processes to hold perpetrators of conflict accountable. The process, however, has …

Politics Dibyak Kapali

Children death toll surpasses 3,000 in three weeks of Israel-Hamas war

According to Save the Children, an INGO, the number of children killed in Gaza in the last three weeks exceeds the total killed in conflicts …

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