Kathmandu’s decay: From glorious past to ominous future

From potential to become an exemplary megalopolis, imbibing knowledge from its past, to becoming a hideous and hazardous valley, here’s Kathmandu’s story. What was Kathmandu …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Kathmandu Valley has lost its fertile land to sprawls while hills and forests are felled without rethinking. The air has become toxic, rivers are polluted …

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How are federal laws made in Nepal?

A brief description of a complex procedure of lawmaking

Politics Pallavi Maheshwari & Dibyak Kapali |

Social Security Fund Explained! - Part I

The Social Security Fund (SSF) schemes were finally introduced with a bang in 2018, despite a chequered progress on its implementation, with initial focus on …

Economy Rima Sah

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Don’t stay foolish.

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Why Nepal's exports to SASEC have stagnated over the years

Except for India, trade with other countries is insignificant. Worse still, it is declining since 2008. Non-tariff measures, which include sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures …

Economy the_farsight

Women candidates win voters’ confidence despite political parties mistrust

When women run, women can win, but political parties show little trust during candidate selection while party structures deny women’s progression to election seats

Politics Aakriti Maya Aryal & Shraddha Aryal |

Nepal's coffee economy

How Nepal’s coffee economy evolved and where is it heading to?

Economy the_farsight

Export or die

The country has untapped export potential (or missing exports) of about $9.2 billion, yet there is little progress and inadequate sign of interest

Economy the_farsight

Let's Talk Numbers

Nominal Wage in Nepal (2005-2020) (In NRs)



Almost 4 out of 5 in Nepal's working population don’t have secondary education

Nepal Labor Force Survey - III (NLFS - III, 2018)

An ode to the haat bazaar

Traders, small businesses meet and converge in this teeming-with-life biweekly haat bazaar that also serves as an important place for cultural exchange and transformation

Photo Stories Aakriti Maya Aryal

Has the Supreme Court finally put an end to the three-decade long Nijgadh saga?

There is speculation that the Supreme Court’s recent verdict on Nijgadh International Airport still leaves Nijgadh open for building the airport. A legal analyst clears …

Environment Roshani Giri

Nepal’s economy post-pandemic-2022: A World Bank's assessment

Strong recovery in domestic demand meant the growth picked up quickly as the pandemic faded but it also fuelled imports, reports the World Bank

Economy the_farsight

Election Manifestos: No style, no substance, no basis

Have you ever read an election manifesto? Have you ever compared and contrasted and made an informed choice on their basis? Are the documents easily …

Politics Rima Sah

A glance into the costs for conducting polls in Nepal

As general election closes in, we take a quick glance into costs of conducting polls in Nepal and election campaign finance:

Politics Shraddha Aryal

How 'Saarang' is curating stories hidden behind Nepal’s unique heritages

A travel tech startup brings to us folklores behind Nepal’s heritages while aspiring to make it big in the nascent travel tech industry through AI, …

Tech Aakriti Maya Aryal & Pallavi Maheshwari |

Nepal 2022 elections explained!

With conclusion of two elections this year already, we untangle the Nepal’s upcoming general elections 2022 and more

Politics the_farsight

The beginning of Nepal's tourism era

The first glimpses of an industry that is now central to the country’s economy

Economy Birat Anupam