Kathmandu’s decay: What it was, what it turned into and how?

From potential to become an exemplary megalopolis, imbibing knowledge from its past, to becoming a hideous and hazardous valley, here’s Kathmandu’s story. What was Kathmandu …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Kathmandu Valley has lost its fertile land to sprawls while hills and forests are felled without rethinking. The air has become toxic, rivers are polluted …

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Understanding the $1.2 trillion US infrastructure bill

The bipartisan bill includes historic investments in old-fashioned, New Deal-style projects

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Invest more in girls' education

When women are educated, societies become richer and more stable

Economy Karan Poudel

Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

Don’t stay foolish.

Keep informed.

Read our critical analysis.

Disasters loom large in Nepal as the planet overheats. Yet it cares less?

The recent IPCC Report 2021 and the intensifying climate events alarm a terrifying bell that we are beyond reversals now while further intense effects loom …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

Sustainable businesses in Nepal: In between sustaining and surviving

For businesses that should lead the future to sustainability, things are not easy on the ground. With the ongoing pandemic and climate risks deepening, sustainable …

Environment Ayusha Chalise

The Narrow Corridor - finding balance between the state and society

The state pursues orderliness while society seeks liberty. When both push their way for too much of it, one turns repressive, the other becomes unsustainable. …

Economy Ashraya Dixit

Development: From a Director's Lens!

Director/Producer Prabin Kumar Rawat shares his photo works with us captured during the pandemic lockdown and later, where he has also made an attempt to …

Photo Stories Prabin Kumar Rawat

Let's Talk Numbers

Nominal Wage in Nepal (2005-2020) (In NRs)



4 out of 5 in Nepal's workforce don’t have secondary education

Nepal Labor Force Survey - III (NLFS - III, 2018)

Understanding banking liquidity

There’s plenty talks about banking liquidity and credit crunch – headlining on a regular basis. What does the financial jargon mean and can result into? …

Banking & Finance Prabodh Sharma

Dissecting fuel price and why Nepal should disrupt its fuel dependency?

What drives fuel price in Nepal, and why Nepal should disrupt its reliance on fossil fuels and expedite its alternative energy ambition?

Economy the_farsight

Nepal’s high inflation, high borrowing cost and pay gap trap

Nepal’s economy has long functioned under a high-cost environment (high inflation and high interest rate) despite being fairly manageable and at pay levels that are …

Economy Sabin Jung Pande

Bicycle, Bicycle!

In this album, the photographer reminisce his childhood memories through a series of photographs capturing human relations with bicycle, clicked relentlessly in different parts of …

Photo Stories Manish Misra

We are practicing bad, ill-informed and sub-optimal macroeconomics

In this detailed interview with The FarSight, Dr Surya Raj Acharya, Nepal's prominent infrastructure expert, presents historic insight and interesting examples, unravels the wrong path …

Interview the_farsight

How Kathmandu’s lethal pollution is its worst economic adversary?

The past lock downs lowered Kathmandu Valley's pollution level, which resurfaced and crossed hazardous level recently. It will return to its full lethality once business …

Economy Sabin Jung Pande

Chitwan’s Chained Elephants

Elephants in Chitwan are a great means of revenues, livelihood, recreation and wildlife conservation. But what about the torture they are subjected to and the …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande