Kathmandu’s decay: From glorious past to ominous future

From potential to become an exemplary megalopolis, imbibing knowledge from its past, to becoming a hideous and hazardous valley, here’s Kathmandu’s story. What was Kathmandu …

Environment Sabin Jung Pande

Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Kathmandu Valley has lost its fertile land to sprawls while hills and forests are felled without rethinking. The air has become toxic, rivers are polluted …

Environment the_farsight

The government plans to create a forex hedge fund, again. What does it even mean?

The idea dates back to a few years ago, mainly to attract foreign investors

Finance Karan Poudel

Despite being Nepal’s major export product, large cardamom hardly reaches world markets

Traders blame this on a flurry of inconveniences caused by both internal and external factors

Economy the_farsight

Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

Don’t stay foolish.

Keep informed.

Read our critical analysis.

Tourism-dependent small businesses are suffering from long covid

Although the pandemic withers, the effects still remain

Business Karan Poudel

What soaring fertiliser prices mean for Nepal

It is exacerbating the shortage of fertilisers

Economy Karan Poudel

Nepal’s chronic fertiliser crisis: Can organic be the solution?

As the season for paddy plantation approaches, Nepal's fertiliser stock is empty yet again. Without a fertiliser plant of its own, and dependency on volatile …

Economy Sushmita Sharma

Let's Talk Numbers

Nominal Wage in Nepal (2005-2020) (In NRs)



Almost 4 out of 5 in Nepal's working population don’t have secondary education

Nepal Labor Force Survey - III (NLFS - III, 2018)

Why Nepali politicians should watch Shark Tank India

It may nudge entrepreneurship in Nepal, and inspire old-fangled politicians and decision-makers to do more for promoting businesses

Business Karan Poudel and Sabin Jung Pande

From farm to fork: Understanding how food chain works in Rupandehi, the breadbasket of Lumbini

What are the different ways food produced from an agriculture-centric district reaches the plates of the people? Sushmita Sharma, our out-of-valley corresponding intern, explores the …

Economy Sushmita Sharma

Women in banking leadership: A grim reality

Where do women stand in top echelons of the industry where they share a substantial presence in the workforce

Banking Ayusha Chalise and Sabin Jung Pande

“We see cities as the arena to build the next era of civilization”

In conversation with Dori Nguyen, Managing Partner of Utopia Kathmandu, on urban tech, startups, and building future-facing cities

Interview Aakriti Maya Aryal

Nepal has the Sri Lankan experience to learn from

The country’s current economic situation looks concerning but not yet dire. But the economy may go south if the present complacency persists.

Economy Karan Poudel

How the pandemic affected Nepali MSMEs, and the outcomes of COVID-19 MSME Fund Nepal

Making MSMEs resilient enough to survive any crisis means first tackling challenges they face

Business the_farsight

Exploring the water, energy, food, and ecosystems nexus in the Ganges Basin

Six interesting takeaways from the NEXUS Gains Ganges Basin Inception Workshop in Kathmandu

Environment Aakriti Maya Aryal

The promise and pitfalls of the nexus approach in Nepal

Understanding the interdependent (nexus) nature of Water, Energy, Food, and Environment (WEFE) for development planning and future sustainability

Environment Aakriti Maya Aryal