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is an Investment Writer/Editor at Ansu Group. He was a former writer-analyst at the_farsight.

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The NRB should come up with a tighter monetary policy

The economic impacts of Covid-19 were so brutal, the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) had to adopt extra-loose monetary policies in the past two years in …

Economy  Karan Poudel

Demand for essential oils in the world is growing. Nepal can benefit from that.

In 2021 the global essential oils (also known as aromatherapy) markets valued at $19.7 billion, up from $ 2,724 million in 2014. Precedence Research, a …

Economy  Karan Poudel

Soaring inflation and a strong dollar are adding to Nepal’s economic woes

INFLATION IS RUNNING AT A NEAR6-year high of 7.9% in Nepal, compared with 3.65% in May last year. But most people think it is even …

Economy  Karan Poudel

The government plans to create a forex hedge fund, again. What does it even mean?

In the investment world, hedging is the practice of reducing investment risk. It ensures that if one investment incurs potential loss, then there is another …

Finance  Karan Poudel

Tourism-dependent small businesses are suffering from long covid

Thamel is a crowded, noisy place these days. But not from taxis honking their way through its narrow streets, rickshaws and street dogs searching for …

Business  Karan Poudel

What soaring fertiliser prices mean for Nepal

Fertiliser prices nearly doubled between mid-2020 and the end of 2021. Since the start of the year, prices have yet again risen by more than …

Economy  Karan Poudel

The reasons behind vast informal economy and lacklustre growth of businesses

Kamal runs a profitable business in Kathmandu city manufacturing plastics for food packaging. Despite his business flair, Kamal does not want to scale up his …

Economy  Karan Poudel

Why Nepali politicians should watch Shark Tank India

Reality TV show Shark Tank India, was a riveting experience for everyday Indian viewers and entrepreneurs alike. It gave budding Indian entrepreneurs an opportunity to …

Business  Sabin Jung Pande

Nepal has the Sri Lankan experience to learn from

In 2011, when Sri Lanka was at the peak of its economic and financial success, the notion the country might one day face its worst-ever …

Economy  Karan Poudel

Is the independence of Nepal Rastra Bank under threat from politics?

CRITICS OF NEPAL RASTRA BANK(NRB), the central bank of Nepal, like to say that its not doing enough for the economy. Such statement islikely to …

Economy  Karan Poudel

Why are there a few patents in Nepal?

IT IS ESTIMATED THAT 50 MILLION PATENTShave been granted globally. So far more than 70 patents have been registered in Nepal, compared with Bangladeshs 68 …

Economy  Karan Poudel

Sri Lanka is facing its worst-ever economic crisis

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW what policy missteps can do to a country, look no further than Sri Lanka. The ongoing deepening economic crisis was …

International  Karan Poudel