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A main priest (Mul Dhaami) worshipping Bandali God by performing rituals during Shrawan Poornima (full moon day in Shrawan). The photo was taken in Ghegad village, Achham.
A main priest (Mul Dhaami) worshipping Bandali God by performing rituals during Shrawan Poornima (full moon day in Shrawan). The photo was taken in Ghegad village, Achham.

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Development: From a Director's Lens!

Director/Producer Prabin Kumar Rawat shares his photo works with us captured during the pandemic lockdown and later, where he has also made an attempt to explore the concept of development. Prabin is director of short movie ‘Kalam’ - an award winning movie about lost childhood aspirations at the backdrop of decade long armed conflict in Nepal and the ever-increasing labor migration trend as an aftermath of the conflict.

By Prabin Kumar Rawat |

Are we really doing enough for our girls? | Karjanha Rural Municipality, SirahaWhen the neighbouring village is much picturesque than yours! | Bhapra Village in Surkhet | Photo taken from a hilltop in Panchapuri MunicipalityWomen play a pivotal role in farming and livestock rearing but their contribution comes at a cost for them with so much drudgery involved. After a day of intensive labour in the farm, here are few women heading back home with fodder | Karjanha Rural Municipality, SirahaA close look at village life in Badal Mirchaiya tole, Karjanha Rural Municipality, Siraha | Look closely!Residual hays stocked for livestock fodder and to use for fire to keep warm during the winter. The manual post harvesting earlier called daain haalney or jhaatney in Nepali has become simplified these days with the introduction of thresher | Also, a perfect spot for kids to learn gymnastics!A nation waits! | Photo taken at Parwaha, Dhanusa.While the flames were already over and done with and churning out only smoke, those looking for warmth during this chilly morning in Parwaha, Dhanusa cheered up even at the sight of fumes!The lone plant standing - a nine kilometer four lane highway from Dhulabit and Bangesimal in Surkhet and one single plant in between its road divider. This is the picture of that plant. A quick observation - the road divider is used as footpath instead.Taal Gaon - a small but exotic village | Chaukuney VDC, SurkhetThe bridge, faintly visible at the horizon, over the Karnali River, connects parts of Dailekh and Achham, two western districts of Nepal. The two districts remained separated for years due to lack of proper connectivity despite being so close until 2018 when the bridge was finally built. It now connects Achham with Nepalgunj (Surkhet), also paving way for the Achhamis’ easier integration with Indian economy.Say cheese and they turn into bots!CandidA haat bazaar at Babiyachaur village, Surkhet - the bazaar that had a longstanding history for its continuity since the decade of 30s (in Bikram Sambat calendar) finally came to halt during the pandemic lockdown. The bajyais (the grannies) in the pictures sneaked out during the lockdown to continue their long held tradition and set up a temporary haat bazaar in the same place. They complained that they were fed up being locked up at their homes, and the temporary bazaar was just to reunite, chat up and have some fun with friends, than having any money motives.A six year old trying to learn his ancestral occupational skill and earn few bucks for his family.The local traditional musical band performing Damaha (a Nepali traditional musical drum) during Shrawan Poornima. Damaha is one of the instruments in the Panche Baaja - a set of five (Panche) traditional musical instruments (Baaja). The instruments are mainly played during marriage ceremonies. Damaha is played by Damai, an occupational caste in Far West Nepal who has been carrying this tradition forward.


**Prabin's movie film premiered at Busan International Film Festival 2019 and featured in Nepal International Film Festival 2020 where it grabbed the best Nepali short film and the best director award. Black Goat, his movie as a producer, recently qualified for Oscar nomination.

Prabin Kumar Rawat is a short film and documentary maker/producer. His short film 'Kalam' is quite a watch. Check out his Cryptid Films .

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