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Kathmandu’s decay: From glorious past to ominous future

Kathmandu: The legend and the legacy Legend about Kathmandus evolution holds that the valley was once a huge lake some thousands years ago. A visiting …

Environment  Sabin Jung Pande

Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Valleys and cities should be young, vibrant, inspiring and full of hopes with a system in place that works for all classes of people. What …

Environment  Sabin Jung Pande

Examining the ‘Presidential’ pardon of Yograj Dhakal

On Constitution Day 20th September, the President granted amnesty to 670 convicts using the presidential authority and following the government recommendation. While the case of …

Politics  Niraj Paudel

"Nepal has the potential to build international products"

Sluggish formulation and implementation of policies in the country have discouraged the tech startup industry from taking a leap forward. The lack of relevant institutions …

Tech  Sabin Jung Pande

Emerging businesses midst legal lacuna

Earlier in April, news broke out that users of Yatri, a Nepal-based EV bike producer, were denied vehicle registration by the Department of Transport citing …

Business  Pallavi Maheshwari

Why has the presidential role become so important and contentious?

What is supposed to be a ceremonial role without executive authority, and a guardian of the constitution the presidential position has now become a bone …

Politics  Shristi Thapa

A cup of conversation—Nabin Devkota and his unexpected Lumle coffee shop

Some 45 minutes drive away from the hustle-bustle of Pokhara, adjacent right to a single lane roadside along the Pokhara-Baglung Highway, a distinct and neatly …

Business  Rima Sah

Women candidates win voters’ confidence despite political parties mistrust

49.2% female voters out of a total of 17.9 million voters. A share of 51.04% female in 29.1 million population. Yet Nepals mainstream political parties …

Politics  Aakriti Maya Aryal

Nepal's coffee economy

A morning brew. A way of life. A shot of kick. A social lubricant. Over $40 billion in global cross-border exports value, and growing. A …

Economy  Sabin Jung Pande

Nepal 2022 elections explained!

Election is around the corner in Nepal once again after the National Assembly election in January 2022 and the recent local government election fever that …

Politics  Pallavi Maheshwari

Why Nepali politicians should watch Shark Tank India

Reality TV show Shark Tank India, was a riveting experience for everyday Indian viewers and entrepreneurs alike. It gave budding Indian entrepreneurs an opportunity to …

Business  Sabin Jung Pande

Women in banking leadership: A grim reality

WOMEN OCCUPY ALMOST 40% OF THE WORKFORCE in the commercial (A-class) banking sector, but our research reveals the grim realities of women having a hard …

Banking  Sabin Jung Pande