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Transitional justice process throughout history, Where does Nepal stand?

Its been almost 27 years since the decade-long Maoist war started and 17 years since it ended. The nation emerged from the conflict in November …

Politics  Dibyak Kapali

LPG price keeps soaring. How feasible an alternative is electric cooking?

Suman Sitaula runs New Hill Boys Hostel in Ghattekulo, Kathmandu. His monthly expenditure on liquified petroleum gas (LPG) has risen by at least Rs 1,000, …

Economy  Vivek Baranwal

Social Activist Iih stands outside KMC for eighth day

It is the eighth day for Social Activist Iih standing outside the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Office at the Rastriya Sabha Griha in Pradarshani Marga. …

Politics  Vivek Baranwal

“We haven’t yet studied cross-border [people-to-people] interaction happening on social media”

In this fourth episode of the FSi podcast, the_farsights Sub-Editor, Vivek Baranwal talks with Mahesh Kushwaha, a political analyst and freelancing consultant, about Nepal-India cross-border …

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Foreign trade sees a decline in the first month of FY 2023/24

Foreign trade declined by 2.28% in the first month of the current fiscal year 2023/24, as compared to the first month of the previous fiscal …

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Insufficient rainfall and concretisation push Birgunj into alarming water crisis

In the Terai plains, fresh and clean water pumped out of tube wells or hand pumps is used for daily needs from drinking to household …

Environment  Vivek Baranwal

Musician Robin’s legacy of blues rock in Nepal

Rockstar and actor Robin Tamang is no more with us. Born in Singapore in 1963, he leaves behind a legendary era of blues rock music …

Art & Culture  Vivek Baranwal

“The big, systemic structural corruption takes the public money away from development projects, infrastructure development, livelihood projects, and more”

Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal left the country to pursue her Masters in International Politics in the United States in 2002. After finishing the degree, she went …

Interview  Sakshi Agrawal

The 16th Republic Day

The Bagmati government on May 24 decided to celebrate the 16th Republic Day for three days. Soon, the social media platforms were flooded with chitchats …

Politics  Vivek Baranwal

Bhutanese refugee crisis to the fake refugee scandal: In timeline

Yet another scandal has emerged in the country, involving Bhutanese refugeesthis time. A distressing case of organised crime and corruption, where prominent Nepali politicians, bureaucrats, …

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