Sakshi Agrawal

is a freelance journalist based in Nepal. With a degree in journalism, she has written for various publications like The Himalayan Times, Christian Science Monitor, Newslaundry, The Age, and more.

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“We have ten years to produce excellent human capital for the next ten years”

Dr. Kalpana Khanal started her career as an Associate Professor of Economics at Nichols College in the United States where she taught economics, finance, and …

Interview  Sakshi Agrawal

“The big, systemic structural corruption takes the public money away from development projects, infrastructure development, livelihood projects, and more”

Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal left the country to pursue her Masters in International Politics in the United States in 2002. After finishing the degree, she went …

Interview  Sakshi Agrawal

Solo trek ban: Implication on post-pandemic tourism industry

In early March 2023, the government announced that solo trekking inside the national parks will be banned starting April 1, 2023. While solo climbing has …

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