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Series 1: Nepal's Economic Diplomacy + International Relation + Regional Cooperation + South Asian Geopolitics

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“Nepal must negotiate for preferential market access with China”

In this seventh episode of the FSi podcast, we have former Commerce and Industry Secretary Chandra Kumar Ghimire as our guest who currently works as a policy researcher in matters relating to trade, transit, investment, and industrial development. We centre... Read More

“Populist politics will further drive migration”

In this sixth episode of the FSi podcast, we have Lekh Nath Paudel as our guest. He is a political economist, who did his PhD in Political Science from the Institute of Political Studies, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Presently a... Read More

“There are several reasons Nepal should prioritise Nepal-Swiss ties”

In this fifth episode of the FSi podcast, we talk with Sushil Thapa, Vice-President of the Nepal-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the past three years, who shares how the Nepal-Swiss relation is obviously marked by shared commonalities between... Read More

“We haven’t yet studied cross-border [people-to-people] interaction happening on social media”

In this fourth episode of the FSi podcast, the_farsights Sub-Editor, Vivek Baranwal talks with Mahesh Kushwaha, a political analyst and freelancing consultant, about Nepal-India cross-border people-to-people relations that correspond to sociocultural, economic, political, media, social media, and citizenship. Kushwaha was... Read More

Ambassador's role should not be limited to Foreign Ministry's directive

In this third episode of the FSi podcast, Ashish Ghimire, a writer/researcher at the_farsight, talks with Vijay Kant Karna about Nepal in international relations; Chinese investment in Nepal; and the emerging trends and the importance of cultural and economic diplomacy.... Read More

"Let there be more international students in Nepal"

In this second episode of the FSi podcast, we talk with Prof. Uddhab Pyakurel who has been teaching at Kathmandu University School of Arts for over eight years now and also currently heads as the Director ofGlobal Engagement Division. The... Read More

"For a balanced international relations, the house has to be in order first"

In this first episode of the FSipodcast with Gaurab Shumsher Thapa, an analyst/researcher in the field of international relations (IR), Gaurab shares some foundational understanding of the broader themes of International Relations. The podcast also touches upon the history of... Read More