Internship Program

About Us

Farsight Inc. is a research and a digital journalism publication, established with a mission to bring forth in-depth insight on business, finance, economy, politics, tech, environment and society by conducting expert interviews, investigations, analysis and research. the_farsight seeks to provide a detailed anatomy of complex issues by prioritizing good use of science, technology, data, facts, logic and process with the goal of combating misinformation and fake news. 

Our internship program is a full-time (5 days a week with flexibility of working from home), paid program for two recent undergraduates interested in a career in journalism or media, or with a particular interest in economy, business, finance, environment and politics.  

Program Detail 

This program will last a duration of three months in which the intern will learn the ins and outs of a career in media culminating in the publishing of articles through The Farsight.  

The program is divided into 3 phases;
Exposure: In this phase, the intern will be exposed to The Farsight’s 3 main facets;  research, writing and media. This is the shortest phase, lasting 1-2 weeks.    
Diving In: In this phase, the intern will shadow a team member and assist the team in research, strategy, interviews, brainstorming etc. This phase will last 2 weeks. 
Professional Experience: In this phase, the intern will be assigned roles and responsibilities including writing, researching and publishing articles of their own for the_farsight. This phase will be the bulk of the internship program, the other 2 months. 


  • Undergraduate degree 
  • Passionate about economy, business, finance, environment, politics any one or all of the above
  • Seeking a career in writing, research, journalism, media 
  • Keen ability to think critically, and produce topical articles that educate and inspire
  • Excellent english and/or Nepali writing and vocabulary 
  • Interest and understanding of national and international events 

Learn with us
Research Experience

  • Resource collection 
  • Analyzing Studies and Text
  • Collecting data through surveys and interviews

Media Experience 

  • Interview 
  • News Analysis
  • Transcribing  


  • Produce articles for publishing 
  • Explainers
  • News Briefs 
  • Content Writing
  • Communications
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Social Media Good Practices 
  • Branding and Voice 
  • Email Outreach 
  • Proposal writing 

PLEASE send in your application with a cover letter, your resume and a sample write-up (on any topics) to: [email protected]

Use ‘Internship’ in your email subject-line.