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From migrant returnee to a farmer-entrepreneur
From migrant returnee to a farmer-entrepreneur

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Charting the entrepreneurial journey of Nabin Devkota and Lumle Estate Coffee through his photo work

Lumle-based farmer-entrepreneur Nabin Devkota shares his raw photo works on his coffee farming and processing

By Nabin Devkota |


Lumle’s luscious green mountainous setting



Lumle Coffee Estate awaits coffee lovers traveling to Kushma and Myagdi


Some 45 minutes drive away from the hustle-bustle of Pokhara, adjacent right to a single lane roadside along the Pokhara-Baglung Highway, this is Lumle Coffee Estate's cafe outlet


Coffee cherry: The fruit of coffee plants at a farm in Lumle


Nabin welcoming visitors to his farm in Lumle presently spread at 12 ropanis of leased land


Nabin nursing his plantations at his farm


Coffee cherries being washed after collection

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Coffee cherries collected from local farmers being dried at LCE


Dried coffee cherries


Hulling of dried coffee beans in the backyard of Lumle Coffee Estate


Sun drying of coffee beans


Dried coffee beans being hand graded, which is then roasted at a coffee roaster in Pokhara


Roasted coffee packaged under Lumle’s brand | The 250 gm roasted coffee comes at a price of Rs 500


Nabin during his 'Coffee Sensory and Cupping Course' with his trainer



Alternative coffee brewing methods painted on the pewter wall at the Lumle Coffee Estate coffee outlet


Nabin explaining different coffee brewing methods to his friend

Nabin Devkota is a farmer-entrepreneur based at Lumle, Kaski. He runs Lumle Coffee Estate and a coffee outlet at Lumle.

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