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ADB approves $100 million loan each to Nepal and Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on September 22 approved a $100 million policy-based concessional loan to Nepal, and another $100 million loan to three universities …

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Upper Trishuli-1, one of the largest FDI projects, achieves 22% physical progress

Considered one of the largest FDI projects in Nepal to date, the Upper Trishuli-1 hydroelectric project has reportedly achieved 22% physical progress since its commencement …

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TV show ‘Revolutionary Agriculture War’ seeks to change Nepal’s agriculture landscape

The agricultural sector of Nepal employs approximately 66% of the countrys total population. It makes up one-third of the countrys GDP, playing a significant role …

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“Nepal must negotiate for preferential market access with China”

In this seventh episode of the FSi podcast, we have former Commerce and Industry Secretary Chandra Kumar Ghimire as our guest who currently works as …

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The limitations of GDP

Gross Domestic Output (GDP) the single statistical measure obtained through a complex process of compressing large data of economic activities is considered the worlds most …

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Updates on Nepal-China recent engagement

A shipment containing 15 metric tonnes of turmeric powder imported from Vietnam arrived at the Tatopani border point via Chinas Tianjin Port on September 6. …

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Highlights from the new census: The shifts in Nepal’s agriculture landscape

The seventh national sample agriculture census (2021/22) is out. Conducted every 10 years by the National Statistics Office (previously Central Bureau of Statistics), the new …

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Mugu district connects with the national grid

Mugu, a Karnali Province district, finally has a national grid connection after the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) extended the transmission line to Gamgadhi, its district …

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“Populist politics will further drive migration”

In this sixth episode of the FSi podcast, we have Lekh Nath Paudel as our guest. He is a political economist, who did his PhD …

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Diktel farmers get Kisan Credit Card

Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality in Khotang district of Koshi Province, in collaboration with Global IME Bank and RD Innovative Solution, issued credit cards to 21 …

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How is the pesticide use in Nepal’s farm

According to the recently released National Sample Census of Agriculture 2021/22, 47.9% of farm holdings grow vegetables. Out of the total holdings growing vegetables, 26.7% …

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Government issuing debentures worth Rs 10 billion, again

This fiscal year (2023/24) the government has announced an expenditure plan (budget) of Rs 1.75 trillion, among which it will raise Rs 1.24 trillion in …

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