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Kathmandu - A crumbling valley!

Valleys and cities should be young, vibrant, inspiring and full of hopes with a system in place that works for all classes of people. What …

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Nepal’s economy post-pandemic-2022: A World Bank's assessment

With the onset of the covid-19 pandemic followed by restrictions in movements and slumping tourist arrivals, Nepals economy shrunk by 2.4% in FY20 for the …

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Nepal 2022 elections explained!

Election is around the corner in Nepal once again after the National Assembly election in January 2022 and the recent local government election fever that …

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Despite being Nepal’s major export product, large cardamom hardly reaches world markets

Nepali farmers are long known for minding their own business by doing subsistence farming. That is, growing crops to only meet their needs, leaving little …

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How the pandemic affected Nepali MSMEs, and the outcomes of COVID-19 MSME Fund Nepal

THE SUDDEN ARRIVAL OF THE COVID PANDEMIC in 2020 dealt a heavy blow to Nepals economy. All kinds of businesses were affected in some ways. …

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Battle for mayorship: Who should win?

IN SEPTEMBER 2021,A10 YEAR BOY DIED after falling into an open sewer at Kapan, Budhanilkantha. Nobody was held accountable. With the pandemic, businesses had to …

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Public transport system financing around the world: Lessons for Nepal

NEPAL IS INCREASINGLY being exposed to the malign forces of bad public transport systems, particularly cities. Take its capital Kathmandu, for instance. Its population has …

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Understanding the $1.2 trillion US infrastructure bill

ITS TIME for infrastructure splurge once again in America. On November 5th the House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill Infrastructure Investment and …

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What does the new budget have for Nepal's agriculture sector?

Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada unveiled budget plans for the upcoming fiscal year last Thursday. The new budget has some new provisions for the agriculture sector …

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Dissecting fuel price and why Nepal should disrupt its fuel dependency?

Fuel price is one of the principal drivers of inflation that can ramp up living and business costs. This is because economies run on fuel. …

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We are practicing bad, ill-informed and sub-optimal macroeconomics

Dr Surya Raj Acharya is a staunch advocate of infrastructure investments to stimulate Nepals economy to the next level. He stresses that some of those …

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‘GDP' & 'Development’ Lessons for Nepal

The constraints of GDP are well known bynow. We know the discourse and the paradigm shift that is being advocated. In case of Nepal, the …

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