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is currently interning at the_farsight. He is a law student at the Kathmandu School of Law.

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Examining the ‘Presidential’ pardon of Yograj Dhakal

On Constitution Day 20th September, the President granted amnesty to 670 convicts using the presidential authority and following the government recommendation. While the case of …

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Assessing 25 years of VAT implementation in Nepal

While taxes are an inevitable part of life, have we ever wondered how the Value Added Tax or VAT system works that has been implemented …

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Rising food fraud and need for consumer courts

A wide range of food and beverage, including drinking water, milk, dairy products, spices, tea, edible oils, and lentils are found to be contaminated, produced …

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Working procedure for startup funding out after an eight-year delay

With the objective to encourage innovative ideas and promote startups, the Nepal government has finally introduced Startup Enterprise Loan Fund Procedure 2079 last March end …

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Half of the country’s households still rely on firewood for cooking

The increased use of sustainable household appliances and electric cars indicates a global shift toward the use of renewable energy sources. In contrast to this, …

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PM Dahal promises to make uterus and breast cancer diagnosis and treatment free

Speaking at a celebration program to mark the 113th International Women's Day organized by the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, Prime Minister Pushpa …

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Company watch: Classic Tech posts revenue of Rs 875 million in the fiscal year 2021/22

In the fiercely competitive retail internet business, the Internet Service Provider Classic Tech has posted a revenue of Rs 875 million in the fiscal year …

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