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is a lawyer by profession. She is currently a researcher/writer at the_farsight.

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Emerging businesses midst legal lacuna

Earlier in April, news broke out that users of Yatri, a Nepal-based EV bike producer, were denied vehicle registration by the Department of Transport citing …

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Growing import of four-wheeler EVs

Nepal has seen a rise in the import of electric vehicles (EVs) in the last two fiscal years. The increase in the import of EVs …

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How DFIs are investing in Nepal?

The financing gap faced by Nepals MSMEs and infrastructure projects has put its economy in dire straits. Low investments bring lower growth in turn, increasing …

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An IMF team assesses Nepal’s economy for Extended Credit Facility (ECF) extension

In the second-half of February 2023, a team of International Monetary Fund (IMF) led by Jarkko Turunen, Deputy Division Chief and Deputy Mission Chief for …

Economy  Pallavi Maheshwari

“KUSOM will soon be equipped to offer a specialisation on trade in Nepal”

Roshee Lamichhane is the Assistant Professor of Marketing and the Placement Coordinator at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). Having started her professional journey as …

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“We choose significant and concentrated CSR projects instead of small, fragmented initiatives”

15 years of extensive experience in different fields of banking, and presently head of Corporate Affairs, Branding, and Marketing department at the Standard Chartered Bank, …

Interview  Pallavi Maheshwari

How are federal laws made in Nepal?

Bills on MCC, Citizenship and Guthi are few of the examples in the recent past that displayed how lawmaking and politics intersect and can lead …

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Nepal’s economy post-pandemic-2022: A World Bank's assessment

With the onset of the covid-19 pandemic followed by restrictions in movements and slumping tourist arrivals, Nepals economy shrunk by 2.4% in FY20 for the …

Economy  Pallavi Maheshwari

How 'Saarang' is curating stories hidden behind Nepal’s unique heritages

Atravel tech startup Saarang brings latent stories and folktales secretly etched behind Nepals unique heritages to your phone through their QR system. Foundedby threeundergrad students …

Tech  Aakriti Maya Aryal

Nepal 2022 elections explained!

Election is around the corner in Nepal once again after the National Assembly election in January 2022 and the recent local government election fever that …

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Cannabis in Nepal: In between legal lacuna

Nepal was once a paradise for hippies, travellers and seekers from all corners of the world in the 60s and 70s, in part, due to …

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