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What is polarity in international relations?

In International Relations, polarity refers to the distribution of power among states in the global system which can be categorised into three main types: unipolarity, …

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‘Water scarcity’ and economic concepts that shape decisions on resource allocation

Individuals, businesses, and societies make decisions on an everyday basis that determine how resources are allocated in various economic scenarios, from personal finance choices and …

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763 monsoon disaster incidents claim 73 lives, damage 113 public projects and properties

Monsoon-induced disasters wreaked havoc in the country in the past few months, according to the stats of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority …

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A new 5-year trade strategy comes into effect with an expanded list of 32 products

On 17 July 2023, the Ministry of Industries, Commerce, and Supplies (MoICS) introduced its fourth trade development strategy Nepal Trade Integration Strategy 2023 (NTIS 2023) …

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State-of-art cyber bureau building under the assistance of Korean government underway

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the South Korean governmental agency for Official Development Assistance (ODA) is assisting Nepal to build a state-of-art cyber bureau building …

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"Let there be more international students in Nepal"

In this second episode of the FSi podcast, we talk with Prof. Uddhab Pyakurel who has been teaching at Kathmandu University School of Arts for …

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Minimum nominal wage increased to Rs 17,300

The Ministry of Labour Employment and Social Security on August 17 increased the monthly minimum nominal wage of workers effective from August 25. Following Section …

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Product from Nepal — Lokta paper

Lokta paper Nepali kaagaz is a traditional Nepali handmade paper, native to the Himalayan region. The paper is highly robust, flexible, durable, and insect-resistant, making …

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ISRO: Pioneering space exploration

On August 23, Chandrayaan-3 achieved a historic milestone in exploring the lunar surface and collecting invaluable scientific data making India the fourth country to land …

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Why is dengue surging in Nepal?

The first dengue case was reported in 2004 in Chitwan, which was also the only reported case between 2004 and 2005. Between 2006 and 2018, …

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The asymmetry between climate vulnerable countries and major CO2 emitters

As the global boiling era begins, according to the UN Secretary-General Antnio Guterres, where does this leave the low-emitting vulnerable countries who are also financially …

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Khetipati Organics: Minimising post-harvest loss, ensuring financial stability to smallholder farmers

Khetipati Organics Prakriti Gautam and Binamrata Sharma founded the agro-food enterprise in 2021 aims to minimise post-harvest loss of smallholder farmers and provide them with …

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