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Designed by Dibyak Kapali | Image Source: Fikri Rasyid via Unsplash
Designed by Dibyak Kapali | Image Source: Fikri Rasyid via Unsplash


eDrive Nepal: a new ride hailing app in the market

The ride-hailing app pivoting on electric means of commuting is a new entrant in the existing competitive market.

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Under a list of ride-sharing apps already operating and competing in the market, a new service provider namely eDrive Nepal has joined the bandwagon.

Edrive Nepal Pvt. Ltd. launched the new ride-sharing app 'eDrive Nepal' a couple of days ago pivoting on electric means of commuting — electric taxis and scooters. 

The company has an investment of Rs 140 million, starting its operation with its own 20 taxis with plans to add 100 more in the future, says the company. Alongside car and bike rides, the app plans to offer services such as city-to-city travel (Nepal Yatra), and delivery service.

According to the company, it intends to enhance safety during rides by employing new vehicles equipped with accidental insurance, along with features such as an OPT system and GPS system.

The commuting landscape in the Kathmandu Valley was revolutionised after the introduction of a pioneering ride-sharing app Tootle. Shortly, Pathao, a Bangladesh-based ride-hailing app, entered the scene and quickly expanded its coverage along with shifting user preference towards Pathao from Tootle.

In between, other players also entered the market but their stay didn’t last long. Yet, lately, new entrants have forayed into the market mainly the California-based InDrive, alongside two European startups Bolt and homegrown startup Sajilo which are piloting their services.

Meanwhile, six years after the advent of digital ride-sharing platforms and ensuing massive use and popularity, the government has finally drafted regulations to govern the two-wheeler digital ride-hailing service, but it is still under consideration.

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