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The United States and European Union reach a data-sharing deal, privacy activists object

The United States and the European Union on July 10 reached an agreement that facilitates the legal transfer of personal data between the two authorities, …

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US supreme court rules out Biden’s proposal to cancel billions of student debt

On August 25, 2022, POTUS Joe Biden announcedto waive offa large sum of student debt to address the mounting financial strain on students and their …

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Cement industry: High production and low demand open door for export

In the 11 months from mid-July (Shrawan) to mid-June (Jestha) of the current fiscal year 2022/23 (2079/80), a total of 893,121 tonnes of cement and …

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Social Media Manager

the_farsight is actively seeking a skilled and creative social media manager to join our team and take our online presence to new heights.

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UI/UX Designer | Full Stack Developer

UI/UX Designer We are seeking a talented and creative UI/UX Designer with a strong ability to think both creatively and analytically to join our dynamic …

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Nepal’s long row of impunity in corruption scandals

Rampant corruption is eating away Nepal from petty bribes without which public service delivery is difficult to access to big corruption scandals where top political …

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How well is Nepal doing in financial inclusion?

Nepal has made notable strides in financial inclusion, although there is still room for further improvement, says the Nepal Financial Inclusion Report 2023, jointly produced …

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In 2016, Nepal and India mutually decided to form an Eminent Persons’ Group (EPG). What was it about?

In 2016, Nepal and India decided to form an Eminent Person Group (EPG) a panel of notable individuals as representatives from the two nations mandated …

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"For a balanced international relations, the house has to be in order first"

In this first episode of the FSipodcast with Gaurab Shumsher Thapa, an analyst/researcher in the field of international relations (IR), Gaurab shares some foundational understanding …

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Soaring gold prices. What’s causing it?

Its wedding season in Nepal when the families of the couples getting hitched usually invest heavily in gold ornaments but the yellow metal that has …

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Triple helix model of innovation

Introduced in the 90s, the Triple Helix Model of Innovation captures the dynamic relationship and interplay between the government, industry (private sector), and academia (university). …

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Economic indicators that we keep on hearing in the news. What do they say about the economy?

Over a week back, NRB released its monthly current macroeconomic and financial situation data, which provided a slight sigh of relief contrary to the notion …

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