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Foreign employment exodus continues

Official statistics show that 418,191 Nepalese peoplehad left the country for foreign employment by the first six-month of the current fiscal year. According to the …

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Macroeconomic indicator improves: Remittance inflow jumps; Import, export and trade deficit declines

Remittance inflow has jumped by 24.3% in Nepali currency and by 13.9% in US dollars, says the NRBs latest macroeconomic data. Remittance inflows reached Rs …

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Starvation in Muktikot Village — a remote Bajura village

In April 2022, a nutrition test covering 243 households in Muktikot, a remote village in Bajura of Swamikartik Khapar Rural Municipality showed that 61 children …

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Nepal’s hunger problem is still severe

Nepal ranked 81st out of 121 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2022 making substantial progress over the decades in reducing hunger problems. But …

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‘Messenger of God’ wins second in the ‘West Meets East Screenplay Lab’ at Dhaka

Writer-director Nigam Bhandaris screenplay for the project Messenger of God' has emerged second in the West Meets East Screenplay Lab, which was part of the …

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Safety versus Business: CAAN’s conflicting roles

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the country's autonomous civil aviation regulatory body also wears the hat of a service provider, which is conflicting …

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Why Nepal's exports to SASEC have stagnated over the years

India has always been the darling trade partner of Nepal. It exports overwhelmingly to India. Exclude India and Nepal's exports to other countries, especially SASEC …

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Feeding rice to the rising population: Where does Nepal stand?

Decades ago, Nepal used to be a rice-exporting country, but now it meets its rising demand through imports. Rice and paddy amounting to Rs 46 …

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Bangladesh rolls out its first mass-transit metro

Dhaka, one of the most densely populated and congested cities in the world, where over 20 million people live, launched its first metro line last …

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Export or die

The covid-19 pandemic brought about many economic hardships. Nepal's economy was hammered so hard: in FY20 it shrank by 2.4% for the first time in …

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Despite being Nepal’s major export product, large cardamom hardly reaches world markets

Nepali farmers are long known for minding their own business by doing subsistence farming. That is, growing crops to only meet their needs, leaving little …

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How the pandemic affected Nepali MSMEs, and the outcomes of COVID-19 MSME Fund Nepal

THE SUDDEN ARRIVAL OF THE COVID PANDEMIC in 2020 dealt a heavy blow to Nepals economy. All kinds of businesses were affected in some ways. …

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