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'Break The Stigma' organised by B.A.LL.B. 11th batch of Nepal Law Campus under 16 Days of Activism in December 2023 | Photo credit: 11th batch
'Break The Stigma' organised by B.A.LL.B. 11th batch of Nepal Law Campus under 16 Days of Activism in December 2023 | Photo credit: 11th batch


‘NLC Research Colloquium: Exploring Legal Frontiers’ being held at Nepal Law Campus

The one-day research colloquium is being organised on May 8 Wednesday at the Nepal Law Campus to commemorate National Law Day and promote research and discussions on various subjects of concern through legal means among the fraternity.

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‘NLC Research Colloquium: Exploring Legal Frontiers’ is being held in Kathmandu on the occasion of National Law Day, marked this Wednesday (May 8), at the Nepal Law Campus (NLC), Pradarshani Marga from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Law Day this year commemorates over seven decades since Pradhan Nyayalaya Ain, 2008 (translates to Apex Court Act, 1952) came into effect, mandating Nepal’s judiciary an independent body status out of the executive. The term Pradhan Nyayalaya was later changed to the Supreme Court after the enactment of the Supreme Court Act, 1956.

The 1952 Act then laid the foundation of a free and fair judiciary, which was earlier a puppetry part and parcel of the Rana premiership. The judiciary now stands as one of the three exclusive estates, alongside legislative and executive, in the modern political system adopted by Nepal.

To mark the historical event and legacy, the 11th batch B.A.LL.B. students of the Nepal Law Campus in collaboration with the respective Free Students’ Union are organising the one-day research colloquium where advocates, alumni, and students will present their papers and findings, and discuss them under the legal fraternity. 

Studying law is a continuous and lively process. According to the organisers, the NLC Research Colloquium aims to present various formal and informal research conducted by law students, discuss them creatively and provide a platform to listen to the lived experiences of students with different abilities during their time at the campus.

The event will begin with a welcome, acknowledgment, and orientation from the organisers and conclude with alumni Roshani Adhikari, who is the country’s first visually impaired advocate, sharing her lived experience regarding inclusion and accessibility when she was studying at NLC. Six sessions of 45 minutes each will take place in two-time slots — three sessions run parallel in each time slot.

The first session (11:45 AM- 12:30 PM) includes — ‘Inter-country adoption: A comparative analysis of Nepalese laws and Hague Convention on inter-country adoption’ presented by NLC student Manika Budathoki; ‘Policy Issues in Queer Legal Reform’ by NLC student Monisha Chaudhary; and ‘A Study of Criminalization of freedom of expression online in Nepal’ by advocate and NLC alumni Dikshya Khadgi.

The second session (12:50 PM - 1:35 PM) includes — ‘Domestication of International Law: Judicial Approach (Where our Supreme Court Stands?)’ presented by NLC student Nishant Babu Khadka; ‘Environmental Crimes and Environmental Justice’ by NLC student Biraj Dhungana; and ‘Copyright Protection in Nepal’ by lecturer and NLC Gold Medalist alumni Dr. Sarita Khanal.

Moreover, the event will be accompanied by an exhibition consisting chronologically of the contributions of notable personalities to the field of law, the significant events that occurred, and a summary of the development of law from the Kirat period to the present. 

For more details and registration, kindly visit the following links — NLC Research Colloquium and Participation Form.   

This piece is produced as a part of the_farsight’s collaboration with NLC Research Colloquium as the event media partner.

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