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TV show ‘Revolutionary Agriculture War’ seeks to change Nepal’s agriculture landscape

The new game reality show claims to offer a prominent stage for stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

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The agricultural sector of Nepal employs approximately 66% of the country’s total population. It makes up one-third of the country’s GDP, playing a significant role in the overall economy, according to Nepal Economic Forum data.

In 2022, the contribution of the agricultural sector to the GDP was 23.95%, while the manufacturing sector contributed 14.3%. However, over two decades ago about 75% of Nepal’s population depended on agriculture for their livelihood.

Over the past decade, Nepal’s agricultural sector has experienced notable transformations following the implementation of various government policies. Nevertheless, agriculture predominantly remains reliant on subsistence farming, with fewer than 10% of farm holdings engaged in selling their produce in markets. This sector encounters numerous obstacles, including issues like land fragmentation, insufficient infrastructure, restricted market entry, and a lack of modern technology. 

The number of elderly farmers in Nepal continues to rise as youth mostly fly to the Gulf and Europe, it becomes evident that the country’s agriculture sector must appeal to a younger demographic. It is crucial to stimulate interest among the youth in pursuing farming by offering training, education, and financial incentives.

In essence, revitalising the agricultural sector demands a comprehensive strategy encompassing investment, research, modernisation, improved market access, and active involvement of the younger generation.

In the meantime, Revolutionary Agriculture War (RAW), in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, rolled out as the first agriculture game reality TV show globally, aiming to both entertain and enlighten a wide audience.

Having released its promo on August 31, RAW claims to offer a prominent stage for stakeholders in the agricultural sector. 

The contestants include farmers and agriculture graduates, who will engage in collaborative competitions, fostering a sense of unity. The show will feature creatively crafted games addressing various facets of agriculture, entrepreneurship, and the pressing issue of climate change.

Organised by E Square, a digital company adhering to cause-related entertainment, the reality show seeks to shed light on the pivotal roles of agriculture, entrepreneurship, and climate change. Conceptualised and directed by Shailesh Kandel Kshetri, the show features two chief judges Dr Yogendra Kumar Karki and Dr Namrata Pandey, and will be hosted by actor Rajesh Hamal. 

The show’s objective is to create an interactive digital platform dedicated to entertainment with a cause, with a particular emphasis on agriculture, achieved through inventive reality game shows. Its dedication lies in blending the captivating aspects of entertainment with the significance of agriculture, ultimately educating, involving, and enlightening viewers on the crucial role of farming and sustainable methods.

Through this platform, RAW seeks to unite entertainment and agriculture, cultivating a greater comprehension and appreciation for the agricultural sphere.

RAW’s vision is to lead a transformative era in entertainment, one that not only provides amusement but also empowers and educates individuals regarding the agricultural industry. The aspiration is to create a digital platform that serves as a worldwide epicenter for agriculture-themed reality game shows, uniting enthusiasts, farmers, and audiences deeply passionate about this vital sector. 

By seamlessly merging entertainment with agriculture, the show aims to motivate a generation of well-informed consumers, advocates, and future farmers who possess a deep understanding of farming intricacies and its effects on people and the planet. The show’s success will determine whether it brings positive changes to perceptions, actions, and policies related to agriculture on a global scale.

The show promises to traverse various facets of agriculture, including agro-tourism, agroforestry, the flower trade, fruit farming, herb cultivation, grain, cash crops, and livestock farming, among others. 

RAW released its first format promo on September 14.

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