Image Source: Julia Koblitz from Unsplash
Image Source: Julia Koblitz from Unsplash


Teku-based biogas plant resumes after six years

By Rima Sah |

The Teku-based biogas plant managed by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is once again producing energy from biodegradable waste.

Despite being established in 2017, the plant had not been used after operating for a few days citing a shortage of human resources.

The plant has been refurbished and is ready after receiving technical assistance from the National Innovation Centre.

The biogas plant, which is part of the Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management Project, was said to generate 14 KW of power, 300 kg of organic fertilizer, and 13,500 liters of water in addition to producing biogas. 

At present, the plant is generating eight metric tonnes of biogas every day, and it will take some time before it begins producing electricity.

The project, which is Nepal's first biogas plant, received joint investments of Rs 18.2 million from the KMC and the European Union.

The KMC aims to utilize methane gas for power generation and reduce organic solid waste in Kathmandu. 

A balloon is used by the biogas plant to collect methane gas, which is subsequently processed through a generator to create electricity.

The restoration of the biogas plant is an important step in Kathmandu's sustainable waste management and production of renewable energy. It serves as a reminder that efficient waste management may produce renewable energy and organic fertilizers while addressing issues with the environment and public health.

Rima Sah is a researcher/writer at the_farsight. She is a graduate in Sociology from South Asian University.

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