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is an Investment Writer/Editor at Ansu Group. He was a former writer-analyst at the_farsight.

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Nepal grapples with rising inflation

INFLATION IS RUNNING HOTin Nepal. It stands at 5.03%, compared with 3.60% last year. Rising prices in petroleum, service, transport, foods have pushed inflation to …

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What is the Metaverse?

ON 28 OCTOBER Facebook renamed itself as Meta in order to set the standards for virtual reality known as the metaverse. Last year it announced …

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What is an NFT?

IT WASNT UNTIL last year that NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFTs) got firmly established into the mainstream. Though first invented in 2014, NFTs really took off when …

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Why are property prices so high in Kathmandu?

KATHMANDU VALLEY is known for many things: the centre of Nepals history, art, culture and economy; tourism, with several hundred thousand visitors annually; one of …

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How two migrant returnees found their feet back home

Parents in rural Nepal, who depend upon agriculture for meagre income, often dream of their children not following in their footsteps, such as becoming a …

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Invest more in girls' education

WITHOUT COMPREHENSIVEreforms, Nepalis unlikely to see its economy evolve into adynamic and inclusive one.YetNepal is making economic progress, thoughslowly. Growth is expected to remain modest, …

Economy  Karan Poudel