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What is the diplomatic standstill between India and Canada about?

It was September 18 noon in the city when Canada declared a top Indian diplomat stationed at the High Commission of India in Ottawa persona …

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51 EV charging stations installed amid growing demand for four-wheeler EVs

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) launched 51 electric vehicle charging stations across the country this Wednesday. Fifty-one charging stations are installed across major highways, at …

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Ambassador's role should not be limited to Foreign Ministry's directive

In this third episode of the FSi podcast, Ashish Ghimire, a writer/researcher at the_farsight, talks with Vijay Kant Karna about Nepal in international relations; Chinese …

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Understanding the 21st-century global health governance to truly become one

It may take us by surprise that the second-largest donor of the World Health Organisation (WHO), after the United States, is not a G7 state …

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Kathmandu-Terai/Madhes Fast Track sees one-fourth of progress in six years

The KathmanduTerai/Madhes Fast Track project, a national pride mega highway project that will connect the Capital city to Nijgadh of Bara district in Madhes Province, …

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