The FarSight is looking for people for following roles:
a.    A Journalist  –  Economy, Business, Finance
b.    An Intern

1.    Job Description and Expectations - Journalist 

  • You’ll be responsible to come out with fresh, creative, engaging and critical story ideas and issues on business, finance and economy and write about them independently in journalistic style. The work will require rigorous effort in quality data collection and analysis and its presentation to support your argument
  • Support editorial team in other works like internet research, designing interview questionnaire, setting-up meetings and social media management
  • Work together with the intern and guide them
  • Strong English language skills
  • Copyediting, proof reading and fact checking
  • We are a new venture, so there’s no office and almost no team at the moment. It’s basically work from home and travel to places within your station area for data and information and weekly meetings and discussions over cups of coffee
  • Strong English language skills

2.    Job Description and Expectations - Intern 

  • Your job description and expectation is similar to that of the writer, although it will be lesser demanding, but we expect strong research support and interesting ideas from your side.
  • However, we will not bind you, if you want to use your internship program and our platform to your and the publications’ best interest. 
  • We’ll also have at least one interesting assignments for you that you’ll have to work independently on during your four-months internship period

3.    Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant areas (Economics, Business, Finance, Journalism or others) with at least two years experience in works involving data, critical analysis and writing. Fresh graduates (master’s level) are also encouraged to apply. 
  • For internship program, this is open to undergrads.

4.    Salaries

  • For journalist: Monthly salary Rs 45,000 (Sorry, we don’t have a comprehensive HR plan for now)
  • For intern: Monthly stipend of Rs 12,000

Please send in your application with a cover letter, your resume and a sample write-up on any topics (doesn’t matter if it’s already published) to [email protected]. Use ‘Career’ in your email subject-line.